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Learn the Steps to Jailbreak the iPod Touch!

Wednesday, April 16th 2014. | iPod Touch

Learn the Steps to Jailbreak the iPod Touch! – The iPod Touch is no doubt one of the best gadgets around you. There are different programs and applications in the iPod that allow users to check stock prices, email, surf the web and weather reports while you watch videos or listen to music. The iPod Touch is indeed a loaded device, but it is a closed device which means that it has only read only features and third party applications cannot be run on your iPod Touch. Therefore it becomes difficult for those who prefer using ‘Open’ iPod. The open iPod Touch can both read and write applications and capabilities and decide jailbreak their iPods. One the Touch is jailbroken one can use the program that weren’t loaded at factory. Follow the following few simple steps to jailbreak your iPod.

  • Avoid doing upgrade your software on your iPod Touch if you have really planned to jailbreak it. Jailbreak may occur for the current version of software but is advised that you lower the software version for successful results. If you have system updates for your iPod never forget to save the system updates in hard drive of your computer. You can get them back in your iPod after you have opened up by jailbreak process.
  • While you go for jailbreaking always make sure that you have Wi-Fi Hotspot. Whether it is in your home or café or library you will need wireless internet connection to start the jailbreaking in your iPod.
  • Backup all your files and important music and media onto your laptop or computer before jailbreaking because jailbreaking erase all records from media.
  • After you have taken the backup on your computer you disconnect the iPod from computer and open Safari on the home screen. You can run the required applications that will unlock the iPod to make it writeable. You need to point the browser to the AppSnapp Store Website. Once you do it the necessary code will automatically run on your iPod.
  • The safari will quit automatically and your iPod Touch restart itself after the codes of jailbreak is downloaded. This is very much normal and very much part of jailbreak ipo touch. The whole operation may take few minutes.
  • After the jailbreak is done, you connect the iPod to your computer and get back iTunes and sync the saved files of music, videos and photos in your jailbroken iPod. Now you can update the software of the system you wish.
  • Now it is times to buy current software upgrades. Buy Apple authorized software packages for peace of mind.
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