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Style Your iPad with M-Edge iPad Accessories

Thursday, December 12th 2013. | iPad

Just how far would you go to flaunt your own unique style? For a lot of people, they do it through clothing and fashion, but if you really want to take fashion to another level, then why not dress-up your iPad as well with M-Edge’s newest iPad jackets?

M-Edge is already well-known for the style and protection they provide for tablets through jackets and other accessories. They have just recently announced that they have a new line of accessories for the iPad. The newest styles that are available, which are made up of eleven new designs to choose from, offer a wide range of choices perfect for different tastes and preferences.

M-Edge Products

m-edge ipad accessories

First on the list of m-edge accessories for ipad is the Trip Jacket. Probably the most nifty feature that the Trip Jacket boasts of is that it can be folded in five ways – perfect for different viewing and typing angles. It has a tough outer covering but soft inner lining for the fullest protection and comfort of your iPad.  The Trip Jacket comes in three different colors: Black, Navy Blue, and Green.

Let’s proceed to the next iPad accessory also offered along with the new line. It’s called “Back It”. It’s just a shell that protects the back and the corners of your iPad. It guarantees a protection like no other, but it doesn’t cover any port, camera, and button. Back It is available in four different colors: clear, aqua, gray, and orange.

Next in our list is the most-awaited New Yorker Jacket. Perfect for the artsy person in you. It offers the five most memorable New Yorker magazine covers of all time. The vintage feel it exudes is a complement to your ultra-modern gadget.

If you’re on the more conservative side, and you prioritize safety and convenience more than style, then maybe the Incline Jacket is the perfect one for you. Like the Trip Jacket, it could also be positioned in five different ways to serve your different angle requirements when typing, surfing, or just browsing. Aside from that it also offers low angle positions and rear camera openings. It is said to be available in seven different colors, some of them being mocha, navy blue, and fuschia.

Finally, the GO! Jacket. Unlike the previous jackets, this one only folds into three angles, but it boasts of being one of the lightest jackets ever. Though it may be the lightest, don’t let this jacket fool you. It still offers the same protection like the other jackets offered by M-Edge. This jacket is available in three textures: crackled leather, carbon fiber, and patent leather; while it is available in four colors which are black, platinum, merlot, and copper.

Aside from those mentioned here, there are other accessories available in the M-Edge’s newest line. These are the Latitude with Theater Stand, Modular Method Portfolio, Pop Sleeve, Touring Sleeve, Leisure Jacket, and Cambridge Jacket. You can access the full information about all of their products in their site: M-Edge. Not into online shopping? No worries. M-Edge products could also be found in Best Buy, Walmart, and Staples.

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