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Download Free Pacman Games for iPod Touch

Sunday, December 8th 2013. | iPod Touch

Ms. Pac-Man couldn’t have celebrated its twenty five years long stint of surviving in the market, than by becoming available on your little iPod screen. The tryst with fate started when it first debuted in the year of 1982. Pac-Man games has been everybody’s favorite, moving the glutinous heroine around a maze while she can eats away the dots to complete the level. There could have been no better news than for its fan, when it was released on the iPod. Now you can have all that excitement and more on your iPod with the launch of free pacman games for iPod touch.

The package is completed with retro graphics and sound effects. The free pacman games for iPod comes with an appealing animation that offers you with in-between-level story sequences. Consider these ‘coffee breaks’ in between the levels. The game is however a faithful replication of the arcade living up to its reputation, down to the minute details. Like the original version the game consists of the four unique maze designs and 256 levels. Everything is just like the original game, except that now it is all available on your palm. The free pacman games for iPod offers the game in Original, Normal or Easy mode. So now you can select which stage you like to start with, depending on your mood. You can also learn the rules and controls with the optional tutorial mode, if you are a beginner. You’ll get three tries per game to play, and if you need to exit out quickly you can easily do that. The game gets saved, so you can pick it up again later, where you left off. You also have the option skipping a stage you’ve played before. This means that the free pacman games for iPod does not require you to start playing from scratch, every time you launch it. In a word, the free pacman games for iPod are simply amazing.

But here is a word of caution to all the Pacman lovers. When you are playing the free pacman games for iPod, you will need to get used to the iPod scroll wheel to move the ghost-chomping heroine around. For this you need to gently tap the iPod wheel in one of four directions to move around. Do not press it down, as it pauses the game and takes you to the main menu. This can be rather frustrating for the hardcore pacman lover who is yet to get used to playing it on the iPod. Also the display is something you need to get used to. The iPod screen is a much smaller. Though the graphics are crisp and clear, you may suffer from eye strain when you play this game for long periods of time. Some players also complain that since you are playing on the iPod you have to sacrifice the length of the maze. But these are all small compromises worth making as the free pacman games for iPod touch allows you to play your favorite game, even while on the move.

Try This free pacman games for your iPod Touch here.

If you only love to play ipod touch games from itunes apps store then, this PacMan Lite will be a great choice:

pac-man lite free ipod touch game

Relive this classic with PAC-MAN Lite, a FREE version of PAC-MAN’s first stage! Who can forget the countless hours and quarters spent avoiding pesky ghosts while chompin’ on dots and gobbling up the fruit for bonus points?

Guide PAC-MAN with three new control modes. Dodge pesky ghosts by tilting or rotating your iPhone in Accelerometer Mode. Navigate through the mazes by touching the onscreen Directional Pad in D-Pad Mode. Chomp on dots with the swipe of a finger in Swipe Mode.

Munch fruits and other items for big points! Gobble blinking Power Pellets to weaken ghosts temporarily and eat them up before they change back. Avoid Blinky, the leader of the ghosts, and his fellow ghosts Pinky, Inky and Clyde, or you will lose a life. Get an extra life when you reach 10,000 points!


– PAC-MAN Championship Edition
– Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory
– Puzzle Quest 2
– Isaac Newton’s Gravity


Category: Games
Updated: Mar 03, 2012
Version: 3.2.0
Size: 5.4 MB
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Seller: Namco Networks America Inc. Games
© 1980-2010 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.

Rated 4+

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

Download PacMan Lite app for ipod, iphone or ipad here.


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