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iPod Wizard Tutorial

Friday, December 6th 2013. | iPod Touch

Preparing to install an iPodWizard – an iPod Wizard tutorial:

Preparing For The Install

  • You will need to get a copy of the latest version of iPod Wizard.

  • An iPod cable is a must as well.

  • You will also need access to a windows platform like Vista or XP.
  • Check which is the correct version for your iPod model – 5G firmware or 5.5G firmware.

How To Update Your iPod Software – an iPod Wizard tutorial:

  • First of all, when you turn your iPod on, you should access the main menu settings by going to Settings > Main Menu. Make sure the only active menus turned on are ‘Extras’, ‘Videos’, ‘Photos’ and ‘Music’.You can switch off all the rest. This will guarantee you that there will be no broken links or errors in navigating your iPod from the main screen.
  • Connect iPod to your computer by the connect cable (iPod Wizard is windows based). If iTunes opens on connecting, you will have to close it and make sure that nothing else is accessing your iPod at the time. In case the connection is made properly, you will see the ‘Do Not Disconnect’ warning on your iPod screen.
  • Next step according is to browse (via My Computer) to your downloaded software and if zipped, unzip it to a new folder.
  • In the iPod Wizard, you should set your edit mode (top left corner) to ‘Firmware File’.
  • Next, you should click the ‘Open Firmware’ button and navigate to your ‘5G iPod Touch Hack’ folder and open the ‘TouchHack2.0’ file (Windows will display the default icon if no filetype associated, it has a .bin extension). Once loaded, the softwares’s version name will appear beside the ‘open firmware button’.
  • The iPod Wizard tutorial advises that you should click ‘Write To iPod’ in order to start copying the software onto your iPod.
  • Once written, press ‘Eject’ in iPod Wizard. Do not unplug your iPod device.Your iPod will restart and begin loading the new software for the first time.
  • The Wizard tutorial’s closing instruction is to ‘Eject’ again in the iPod Wizard after the device has been completely restarted. This way, your iPod will get disconnected from your computer and you will be able to remove the cable.
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