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How to Use iPod Wizard

Friday, December 6th 2013. | iPod Touch

How to Use iPod Wizard.  Giving an individual outlook to your iPod device is easily achievable by a program called iPodWizard. This program is completely free of charge, safe and simple to use and lets you personalize your iPod’s interface. The ipod wizard program is for Microsoft Windows and was created in 2004.

What we should know about this program is that if used correctly, which implies that the user understands well how to use iPod Wizard, it will not alter the functionality of the iPod device.

You can find constant updates and tutorials about how to use iPod Wizard on the net. However, you should be aware that iPodWizard does not support the following iPods:

iPod touch

iPod shuffle

iPod nano (2G/3G)

iPod classic (6G)

The answer to the question how to use iPod Wizard can have multiple aspects. Anyway, iPod Wizard is a user-friendly and handy program. The program can completely alter the iPod’s GUI by changing the fonts, altering the layout resources. It has options to change graphics as well.

You should have preliminary knowledge on how to use iPod Wizard with regard to the miscellaneous tweaks. These may include uncapping the volume on a European iPod device. Some advanced features are also available. These advanced hacks using the iPod Wizard program include background images (using the Layout tab) and arbitrary font images (icons in strings such as the menu options).

By learning how to use the iPod Wizard you will be able to change the boring default graphics and fonts from your computer. Besides this, you can change the font size. Images such as song ringing graphics, stars and logo can be easily replaced with bitmap images.

By using the tweaks, volume limits in iPods can be easily removed. This little program offers much more – displaying the CPU usage in the top title bar and disabling cache.

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