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Unblock Me iPod App – Free To Download from iTunes Apps Store

Wednesday, December 4th 2013. | iPod Touch

Unblock Me iPod App is a puzzle application where you attempt to extract a single puzzle piece from a game board where each piece can only move certain places in relation to their size and the position of other pieces. They offer a full version of the game for a price, but the free edition seems to be well put together, but has fewer total puzzles.

unblock me iphone app

There are two game modes in Unblock Me ipod free app, relaxed and challenge. Challenge seems to be a game mode that you would use if you were taking turns with a friend or just trying to get better at the puzzles yourself as it counts how many moves you make on each puzzle. It is a challenging game that has you thinking how to spatially move the pieces in order to get the main puzzle piece where you want it to go. The relaxed game mode is just that, relaxed. You play until you finish the puzzle or give up and try something else!

You’re also able to choose specific levels and difficulty that you’d like to play in Unblock Me ipod App instead of going through one of the two game modes. Beginning, Intermediate, and Bonus are the puzzle levels that you can choose from. Inside each has many other puzzles that you’re able to choose from. This one of cool free ipod touch apps can offer many hours of figuring out each challenging puzzle in Unblock Me Free.

Unblock Me app also keeps statistics of all of your puzzles, allowing you to go back and challenge yourself to see how much faster you can solve the puzzles.

Download It for Free from iTunes Apps Store Here.

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