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How to Add Youtube Videos to iPod Touch?

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013. | iPod Touch

How to Add Youtube Videos to iPod Touch?. There are tens of thousands of good videos in the popular online video site – Youtube.com. Most of them are copyright protected and legally you can’t watch them of any other third party device. YouTube encodes its video with Macromedia Flash encoder, which restricts the viewer from downloading and making copies of it. But with some little effort you can download and watch them on your iPod. All you need is the iPod you have, iTunes (6 or later version), good internet connection, your web browser should be installed with Flash player plug-in and Quick Time Pro.

First select the YouTube video you want to add into your iPod. Let is fully downloaded into your PC. Once it is cached in the RAM completely, you are ready to add it into your iPod.

Then it’s time to find the downloaded file from the cache memory. There are numbers of software that will search the hard disk for FLV files for you. You can find them easily in the internet.

Now install Quicktime Pro in your computer. You can either download the free trial version or you may get the professional version from the internet paying only 25-30 dollars. You can directly convert the FLV file to iPod compatible MPEG-4 or H.264 version.

Apart from Quicktime Pro, there are other software that can convert the YouTube video formats directly to the iPod compatible format. I don’t have any intention to endorse any product, so it will be better not to mention any of them. But while reviewing these software, you should expect direct conversion facility (as you can not save the YouTube video files in your hard disk), the easy to use user’s interface, previewing mode, batch conversion facility, multithreading and merger facility. They should also contain options for customization of the video settings.

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