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Learn How to Choose the Best iPod Video Converter in The Market

Monday, December 2nd 2013. | iPod Touch

iPod is the latest craze in the field of digital media playing device. Actually it has been a few years when Apple™ launched the iPod. Since then it has become the icon of the young generation. Its great style, magnificent capacity to reproduce the audio and video files and easy to use capability made an iPod everybody’s dream.

Much alike its competence to reproduce great acoustics, an iPod can play video files with great expertise. You can take all the video titles you have in your rack if planning for a long holiday to entertain yourself. For this, you need to have a software that will convert the video files to such a format that your iPod can understand.

There are hundreds of iPod video converters in the market. You need to be careful while purchasing such a thing. Your converting software should be fast, accurate and user-friendly video to MP4 and H.264 format converting software, which will help you to convert the video files to MP4 or changing VOB files to MPEG-4.

You must be able to customize the video converter software into several user-friendly variations like it should let you to convert videos by custom file size (you have to select the start and the end point). It must support selective audio tack and subtitle and can capture any still image from a definite point source.

All the iPod models must be supported. You must have an option to download the ripped video to any iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod classic or iPod Touch.

The customization of audio and video settings should help you to choose your favorite brightness level, contrast and volume level. You must have an option to rip several small parts from the video and join them together to make a larger file. There must be a crop function that will help you to cut the black edges of the output video file. It helps you to see in the iPod in full screen mode. Customization for the video frame rate, resolution, bit rate and sample rate as per your choice should be included.

Here are some of good choice for iPod Video Converter:
1. WinX Free iPod Video Converter – It could convert avi files to iPod compatible mp4 format. (Price:Free)

2. WinX Free DVD – This cool software could convert DVD format to MP4. (Price:Free)

For Paid Version, you could try:
Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter, Tipard, 4Videosoft or 4Easysoft.

In a nutshell, there are the criteria for an iPod video converter.

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