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All-in-1 Logic GameBox ipad Game Review

Friday, November 29th 2013. | iPad

All-in-1 Logic GameBox ipad Game Review. All-in-1 Logic Gamebox is a game that is completely based on logic as the title suggests and it has recently made its way to the top 10 in the app store basically from being so well made. The game offers hours of fun as it contains more than 10 individual games, all based around the puzzle idea. The game will allow you to challenge your mind and kill some time with the games that are on offer and in total, there are actually more than 3,000 levels across all 10 games.

All-in-1 Logic Gamebox ipad app

There are many great games in the All-in-1 Logic Gamebox ipad app including the Cookies game. This is a new game that has just been added to the app and basically you will have to use your skills to move sliding moves in the empty space of the frame. This might sound strange, but play the game and you will see just how great it is.

There are also games including the Round Bound game; this is basically a game that includes a lot of the different elements of other well known puzzle games and you will find it very addictive. There is the Parking Lot game that is well known as a classic and will keep you entertained for hours too.

The graphics of the game are fantastic and really fun which makes every single one of the games worth playing even more.

You can download All-in-1 Logic Gamebox from the iTunes app store here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/all-in-1-logic-gamebox/id347310316?mt=8

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