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Frontline Commando Free iPod Touch Game

Wednesday, November 27th 2013. | iPod Touch

Frontline Commando is a game for the ipad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices that has made its way to the charts in the iTunes app store. The game is basically a third person shooting game (of which there are many), however, this game is extremely well made and has to be one of the best third person shooters out there for the iPod Touch.

frontline commando game for iphone

The Frontline Commando free ipod touch game revolves around the idea that you are now trapped on the front line and you are having to use all of the skills necessary in order to get yourself out alive. The game is heavily featured on its graphics that are absolutely astonishing for the iPod touch. The graphics of the game are from the third person angle and you would be mistaken for thinking that you are playing on a fully fledged console; the graphics are so good.

There are a number of great missions in the game that will be sure to keep you entertained for hours as you stare at the stunning visuals that the game has to offer. Missions include having to take down helicopters, jeeps and much more and the game features a huge range of deadly weapons that you can get acquainted with. The game features guns including rocket launchers and much more which makes the game extremely fun to play.

The game is quite a large file (103mb) so it is recommended that you are on Wi-Fi with your iPod Touch or iPhone in order to get the game.

You can download Frontline Commando free of charge from the iTunes app store here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/frontline-commando/id464131808?mt=8

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