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How to “Unfreeze” Your Frozen iPad 2

Sunday, December 30th 2012. | iPad

Apple is doing everything they can to provide the best device, and the best service possible, but as expected, especially when it comes to recently released gadgets like the iPad 2, a gadget trips and fails every once in a while, and when it does, you have to be prepared. While most of the times, apps crash and the screen goes back to the Home screen, but sometimes, it’s not only the apps that crash but the eiPad 2 freezes as well. So how exactly do you cure a frozen iPad 2? Especially when even the Home button is unresponsive. There are three ways, and read on to learn what they are.

Fix Your Frozen iPad 2 by a Soft Reset.

Resetting your iPad 2 the soft way is really easy. This is done just by holding down the Sleep/Wake button for around ten seconds or more, or until the “slide to power off” option appears. When it does, just slide to turn off. You can just bring your iPad 2 back to life by holding down the same button for the same amount of time. Check your iPad 2 out. Is it already functioning well? If yes, then congratulations; but if not, then let’s proceed on to the next solution, shall we?

Fix Your Frozen iPad 2 by a Hard Reset.

From the word “hard” itself, it is understood that you’re going to reset your iPad 2 deeper. How to do this? Just hold down both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button for more than 10 seconds or so. From there, your iPad 2 will reset on its own. This is the hard reset. After the hard reset, your iPad 2 should be able to function normally again. If it’s still not functioning, then let’s move on to the final solution – restoring your iPad 2.

Fix Your Frozen iPad 2 by Restoring.

There are different things to get ready when you’re going to restore your iPad 2. First, make sure that you have the iTunes installed on your PC or Mac, and check if it’s the latest version. Second, get your USB 2.0 connection cable ready, because you’re going to use it. Finally, don’t forget to back up. All set? Let’s start.

Sync your iPad 2 with your iTunes. Do this by connecting your iPad 2 to your PC or Mac with the connection cable. Once connected, open your iTunes, click on Devices and find your iPad 2. Right click on it and choose “Back-up”. This option would back-up your files on its own. After it has finished backing-up your files, right click on your device again and click on “Restore From Back-up”. It would take awhile but when it’s finished, you shouldn’t have any issues regarding your gadget anymore.

This is the final solution and your iPad 2 should be working okay already. If it’s still not performing the way it should be, then maybe it’s not the iOS’ fault anymore. Maybe your iPad 2 should really be returned or checked out by Apple? If it does, then you’re going to need to prepare your crash log to give to them. You’ll learn how to access your iPad 2’s crash log here. On the other hand, if the iPad 2 itself is not your problem but individual applications, then you access our post about crashing apps here.


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