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How to Reset Your iPad 2 to Factory Settings

Saturday, December 29th 2012. | iPad

If the time comes that just for any reason at all you decide to reset your iPad 2 to its factory settings, here is a step-by-step way to do it. Be careful though, because obviously, all the settings that you have done personally on your iPad 2 would be erased and everything would be as good as new, or to be more specific, back to zero.

Reset Your iPad 2 to Factory Settings, But Back Up Your Files First!

Okay, one of the most important things to keep in mind when you own an iPad 2 or any other iDevice is to back up the files stored on them regularly. You’ll never know when your device is going to crash or get stolen, so if you’re not using any file storage like Dropbox, then you should maintain a habit of backing-up your files on a regular basis. To do this, you only need to prepare two things: an up-to-date iTunes installed on your PC or Mac, and your USB 2.0 connection cable. Connect your iPad 2 to your computer with the connection cable. Open up your iTunes and sync your device with it. Your iPad 2 would then be listed under the Devices section. Right click on your device and click Back up. It will prompt you once it’s done.

Now You’re Ready to Reset Your iPad 2 to Factory Settings

On your iPad 2 Home screen find the Settings icon. Tap it. A menu will show soon after. Tap on General and then on Reset. There are going to be five options. The first option is “Reset All Settings”. This option is going to reset all the settings and app preferences to how they originally were when you first turned on your iPad 2, but this option would not erase the contents you have added. the next option is “Erase All Content and Settings”. This option will not only reset all the settings as they were and erase all the additional content that you have added on your phone. This includes all the pictures, videos, music, etc.The third option is “Reset Network Settings”. This option just includes the resetting of your network settings like your Wi-Fi and your 3G. The other options include “Reset Keyboard Dictionary” which does just that; “Reset Home Screen Layout” which means that if you have modified your Home screen and you want to start fresh again, this is the option to choose; and finally, “Reset Location Warnings” which is understandable.

After choosing the best choice to your preferences, another screen will show up. This would require you to enter your passcode if you have set one. After entering your passcode the reset would proceed and finish. Once it’s done, you will find that all of your iPad 2’s settings have been reset.

If by any chance you want to add your personal preferences and the data that you have lost in the reset, then don’t fret because remember we backed them up before we reset? So if you have really followed this article step-by-step, then all of your important data are well intact in the back up.


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