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Fixing the Music App Crash and Keep The Music Playing

Saturday, December 29th 2012. | iPad

Everyone needs a little bit of music in their lives, so before we begin on the solutions to your music app crash, let’s take a deeper view on iPad’s iPod, shall we?

iPod, the Ultimate Music App

iPad’s iPod is very popular because it is like the iPod but bigger. This time we can view the album art like the way we view the original CDs because of the size of the screen. Just imagine the convenience and feeling of playing your favorite song just by tapping? Yes, with just a few taps, you can manage all of the songs stored in your iPad.

Now aside from the iPod app there’s also AirPlay. It comes along with an AirPort Express that you can attach on the speakers of your home and wherever you are inside the house, whenever you want to listen to a certain music, just tap the AirPlay icon and you can activate the speakers with AirPort express on them.

Genius is the app to tap whenever you hear a really interesting song because it will create Genius playlists for you, containing the closest matching songs to the song that you just heard. So no more searching on those emo indie difficult-to-trace type of songs because Genius is here. Let him take the job of researching for good songs for you and let you rest all throughout the weekend. Genius can handle it.

iPad Music App Crash FixFixing the Music App Crash

Okay this might sound a little funny but the solution to crashing music apps is really simple. Music apps usually crash when the iPad is not properly synced. Now there are two different ways to sync your iPad and to fix the matter at hand. The first one is delete or add a song from iTunes, because this resets your information. While the second one is a whole lot easier – just by playing your video app, because it resyncs you too!

Hopefully just after these simple steps, your music apps are not crashing anymore, and you’re on a roll again. However, if your problem has still not been solved, then you could consult the app crash solutions also listed down here. These solutions do not only apply to music apps, but for all the general apps as well.

Music is really a vital part of life, and some people even can’t live without it. It’s good to know that there is an iPod app for the iPad, because viewing and choosing music from the iPad is really easier and more convenient in so many ways. You can just fill it up with a lot of songs and create different playlists. Imagine, there is a song available for your every mood? Incredible, right?

All of these are but a few things of what the iPod app could truly offer to you, most especially, if you are music lover. Again, if there are any problems with the music apps on your device, just consult this article and hopefully they will get served.

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