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The Dilbert Calendar Free Application for BlackBerry

Monday, August 13th 2012. | Blackberry

Who doesn’t love Dilbert? Following this oddly funny office character around can be incredibly entertaining, and now you can take him with you wherever you go. The Dilbert Calendar app for BlackBerry will give you a new and very funny cartoon every day. All you have to do is open it up and read whatever cartoon that day’s got in store for you. And you’ll probably giggle all day long from it.

The freeness of the app is somewhat questionable. While the app will give you tons of samples of Dilbert cartoons, and show you what the app can really do, you do have to buy the full version. And this app doesn’t seem to be one where the review version is just as good. In order to get the full version, you need to become a subscriber. Subscriptions can cost as little as $0.99 or they can be pretty pricey – going up to almost ten bucks at $9.99. But, if you’re a big enough Dilbert fan to want that many extra features and options, then the chances are probably good that it will be worth it for you.

If you want to check out the free version of the Dilbert Calendar app for BlackBerry, or you want to become a subscriber and know that you’ll get a cartoon delivered to you every single day, you can download it here.

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