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Playtomo App for BlackBerry

Friday, August 10th 2012. | Blackberry

Who doesn’t love playing games on their BlackBerry? With the Playtomo app for the BlackBerry, you can not only play games but also play with and against your friends, but you’ll also have a huge array of games to choose from. Inside this app are a total of 13 games that are incredibly simple but still incredibly addicting, and that will have you playing again and again, whenever you can.

Once you start playing within the Playtomo app, you don’t need to do anything to play with your friends except for enter their names. As long as they also have Playtomo, their high scores and information will be broadcasted to you, as will yours to them. Trying to continually outdo each other is one of the features of this spectacular app that makes it so addictive.

But the fact that it’s so addictive might be one of the biggest problems with this app. It seems that just when the game’s gotten you hooked, a script error or other internal error occurs and the app may stop working. While this certainly doesn’t happen with every user that tries to play the games, it is a problem that’s been reported often with this app. It does seem that just uninstalling the app and downloading it again is enough to fix that problem.

Also, when you’re on the Internet connection trying to exchange info with all of your friends, some other users have also said that the connection seems to be quite slow. Again, not something that every user has noticed but always something to be mindful of. If you want to test your hand at different games, and find more to get addicted to, download the free Playtomo app for BlackBerry here.

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