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I Dont hate Mozilla but use IE or Else

Friday, August 10th 2012. | Tips

I use mozilla firefox both at home and at work and I use it most of the time (99% :) ). One of my friend called me yesterday about a problem with Mozilla firefox. He was not able to run firefox instead when ever he tries to run he gets the following alert box

“I Dont hate Mozilla but use IE or Else”

It was new for me. I did a quick search and found that this was not a new virus and here is how you can remove it.

  1. Open task manager
  2. Stop “svshost.exe” which is runnig under the current username.
  3. Make sure you dont stop “svshost.exe” which is running under windows username (SYSTEM, NETWORK SERVICE)
  4. Search for “svshost.exe”
  5. Delete all “svshost.exe” files except the one which is under “C:\WINDOWS\system32″
  6. Restart windows

You should be able to open firefox now.

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