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Nobex Radio Companion App for BlackBerry

Tuesday, August 7th 2012. | Blackberry

Have you ever heard of a radio station playing a program or new song that you’ve been waiting to listen to, but you don’t get it in your part of the country? Or are you waiting for a certain program on your favorite radio station but won’t be anywhere near a radio when it’s on? The Nobex Radio Companion app for BlackBerry will make sure that you never miss any program or song, but it does so much more than that too!

The free version of Nobex Radio Companion will give you access to 5800 radio stations in over 80 countries. The radio stations will stream either through your WiFi connection or your carrier’s plan. So wherever and whenever you are, you can listen to all of the programs and music that you’ve been wanting to!

Another really cool feature of this app is that you can find out all you’ve ever wanted to about any artist or song that you’ve ever wanted to know. If you just can’t figure out what your favorite band is singing in your favorite song, you can use the “See Lyrics” feature of the app and the lyrics will appear right on the screen. And, they’ll scroll along the screen even as the song is playing, so you can even sing along!

nobex radio app

And, if you just want to know more about a particular song or artist, you can do that too just by hitting the “See Lyrics and More” feature. That info too will appear right on the screen and who knows? The next time you hear that song, you might be able to fill your friends in on some interesting trivia about it!

Finally there’s a music app that brings it all to the table! Never miss a radio program again, find out lyrics of songs, and even information about the artist! The Nobex Radio Companion app for BlackBerry does it all and you can download it for free here.

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