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GMail Drive Shell Extension 1.0.19: Free Download

Sunday, August 5th 2012. | Tips

What about a free 2+ GB on-line free storage??? This is not a new concept. There are many freewares available using which you can use your gmail account to store files online.

I found this particular software very user friendly.You can download the freeware here


There are few limitation for this type of online storage . Some of them are

  1. File size cannot exceed 10MB (This is because the maximum size allowed for an attachment in GMail is 10 mb).

2. File names cannot exceed 65 chars.

Installing this s/w in your computer will add an additional drive in your My Computer. You can perform most of the basic operation that you do in your windows explorer (copy, cut, paste etc) You can even drag and drop files in to your new Gmail drive.

Dont be surprised if you see new emails in your gmail inbox when you add files to this drive. Basically when you upload files to this drive an email is sent to your gmail ID with this file as an attachment .

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