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Simple Tricks to Reduce Spam to Your Email using Gmail

Monday, July 30th 2012. | Tips

Being an IT professional I hate SPAM and junk emails. SPAM causes lot of head aches to webmasters. Next time when you get a chain email from a friend make sure you pass it only if it is a genuine email.

There are couple of sites available in the internet to check the correctness of an email. www.hoax-slayer.com is one such site which I always use to validate a junk email. They have a huge collection of spam mails and their history.

Here are some tips which you can follow to reduce spam Email.

  1. When you forward an email make sure that you use the BCC option so that email addresses are hidden.
  2. When you add your email address to a public website or forum make sure you add the email ID in such a way that it is difficult for the SPAM bots to identify your ID. Ex: myemailid[at]gmail.com

Here is another trick which you can use to identify the source from which your email ID was picked up by the SPAM bot. Next time when you sign up or post your email ID, post it in the following format (GMAIL ID is required for this)


Ex: myemailid+pccrow@gmail.com

GMAIL has a amazing feature. it ignores all the characters after “+”. So every mail sent to emailID+[sitename]@gmail.com will be delivered to emailID@gmail.com. But “Show options” in gmail reading pane will still show emailID+sitename@gmail.com which will tell you the source of your email :-) .

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