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How to Access Gmail When it is Blocked in office or school?

Saturday, July 28th 2012. | Tips

I hate to write this article as you know there are reasons for restrictions to certain sites in office or school. But I receive lot of emails and calls from friends asking me whether there is any way to access personal emails (gmail, hotmail etc) from office. Here is a trick to access gmail from office or school.

Google rolled out a massive change to iGoogle. The “full canvas views” allows iGoogle users to expand their widgets across the entire page. What does this mean? You get a better view of a widget. Here is an example of an expanded view of “To do list” iGoogle gadget.

blocked gmail


So how does this help in accessing Gmail from office or school?. In earlier version of iGoogle, The gmail gadget shows a preview of Gmail Inbox. In “Full view canvas” view this little gadget gets enough space to show the entire email content. Whats more you can even reply or forward the email. What’s more interesting is that this works even in office/schools where gmail is blocked.

The Full canvas view is rolled out only to US users. If you see your old iGoogle page, dont worry. Just got to www.google.com (and not your country specific iGoogle page) and open your iGoogle.

access blocked gmail

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2 responses to “How to Access Gmail When it is Blocked in office or school?”

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