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Does the iPod Touch Have Expandable Memory?

Thursday, July 26th 2012. | iPod Touch

Most iPods are designed with huge storage spaces which are capable of holding thousands of songs, photos, and even a fair amount of movies. However, the iPod Touch is not as powerful when it comes to storage space. With iPod Touch devices capping at only 32GB of storage space, it’s definitely an issue for anyone who travels with a lot of entertainment on their iPod. For anyone looking to increase their storage space on their cell phone that may not be an issue but expandable memory on an iPod Touch is not viable!

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Is an Expandable Memory Available for the iPod Touch?

Nope! One of the biggest flaws in the design for the iPod Touch is simply the fact that you don’t have an expandable memory slot. While this may have been a marketing ploy to attempt to influence buyers to invest in a larger iPod Touch instead, therefore maximizing their profits, it still leads to many issues for iPod Touch owners.

Anyone that bought into the hype of the iPod Touch release is probably sitting with an 8GB or 16GB that’s already maxed out. That’s definitely not fun! Even for the people that waited for the 32GB, that’s not an extreme amount of storage space. Ultimately, the simple conclusion is that you can’t use expandable memory with the iPod Touch. The only way to get more than 32GB of storage space an iPod Touch is to hope they release the rumored 64GB version in the near future.

Either way, current iPod Touch owners aren’t going to want to buy another iPod Touch just to have more storage space. Therefore, it’s easy to understand the frustration caused by no expandable memory slots on the iPod Touch.

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