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Parallel Universes – The Complete Theory Of Universe

Tuesday, July 24th 2012. | Tech News

Its been always a Einstein’s dream to create a complete theory of universe that explains about everything, starting from big bang to the death of a star but unfortunately Einstein dint succeeded in formulating such theory in his life time and it seems there is fundamentally something wrong in the way we think of sub-atomic particles that makes it hard in achieving the complete theory of universe.

Scientists now came forward to put a new theory called string theory that claims all the particles in the universe come from the vibrations of a string just like music comes out of vibrations of a string from a guitar or any other music instruments. Does this string theory brought forward any interesting conclusion to the origin of our universe? and does this theory compliments Big Bang theory? well to some period of time the answer was No, but as more scientists started to work towards the string theory something interesting happened as string theory started to take new dimensions and people have brought forward new string theories and this time string theory is not one but five.

parallel universes

This brought more confusion and also made room for impossibility to derive the complete theory of the universe. Things started to take a twist as scientists included a 11th dimension, I know you are surprised to hear about 11th dimension we think of universe having only three dimensions and Einstein suggested that time should be the fourth dimension and other scientists claimed for the fifth dimension that is space and there are dimensions which we never knew of as they are really small. Introduction of a 11th dimension brought forward new clarity in understanding of string theory as all the five theories started to compliment each other and bringing forward a new idea that all the elements in our universe are connected and in fact the fundamental fact is on deepest level things are not strings but its something like a curtain and our vast universe is huge sheet of something like curtain.

Does this theory explain about the origin of universe? well not until the scientists have brought forward the idea of parallel universe, and the sheet of curtain as we think is not just sheet that is strife but in fact its vibrating all the time and scientists say our universe evolved due to the interaction between the two sheets of universe and also they claim there are infinite number of universe and our universe is not alone.

Check out the video for more detailed explanation.

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

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