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Cannot Restore iPhone because of iTunes Error 1002? Know How to fix it!

Monday, July 16th 2012. | iPhone, iTunes

There are many iphone users who have reported that they got iPhone error 1002 problem. Here is one of the report:

“While I was traveling, I launched the browser on my iphone 3g NAVIGATION and after about an hour, the iPhone turns off and when I turn on and goes straight to mde recovery tells me that either no longer recognize the IMEI or code number!  I go straight home and try a restore, but no, the status bar runs but hangs after a while and the last exit wrote on itunes error 1002! I tried several times to restore it but it always comes out the same mistake!  What should I do? I have to send it for repair? if you like you?”

fix iphone error 1002

The itunes 1002 error, from what I understand, is because of hardware problem, therefore, difficult to solve, perhaps not removable. In these cases, if, after trying the various procedures related to your type and the iphone error 1002 present in the link mentioned above, they seem not to transmit any sign of life to your phone, the only solution is to make a warranty claim or if it just expired, to accept the substitution of an iPhone by paying a certain amount of recycled money, they feel the case.

Official Apple Support said that this Error 1002 caused by hardware failure. Please refer to this link to get the full answer about this 1002 error.

The link above is the support for these many kind problems related to restore your ipod touch or iphone.

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