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Best Installous Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch

Friday, July 13th 2012. | iPhone

iphones are the most sophisticated, outlook-challenging piece of electronics in the world of mobiles. To get iPhone applications as much as you want, you should jail broken your iPhone. After that, simply get on Cydia and add the Hackulous repository. ‘hackulo.us‘is the producer of this amazing application and the creator of this application is puy0. The iPhone application called “Installous” helps to get iMob applications for free. It is like an alternative to the iPhone application store. it’s very safe to use the Installous App.

installous apps

AT&T does not charge for downloading “cracked” apps because it is not connected to AT&T. More over this search engine finds all IPA that have been published and cracked for use on iPhone. While the iphone Installous apps still needs some performance tweaks and a better layout. IPAs installed through Installous will now automatically sync with iTunes.

Follow the instructions below to get the Top Installous Apps up and running from Cydia. It’s definitely a compelling product from cydia.hackulo.us. With best Installous Apps you can easily search through hundreds of cracked Application Store, then download and install them freely.

Steps to Install Installous Apps for iPhone and ipod Touch

Please follow the steps below to enable best installous apps on your ipod touch or iphone.

  • First uninstall Safari DL Plug-in to avoid source error.
  • Add the ‘hackulo.us’ repository to Cydia.
  • For this go into Cydia, and then go to ‘Manage’, tap ‘ Sources’ , then in the top right corner you will see “Edit”, push it, then in the top left corner, push “Add”. Type http://www.cydia.hackulo.us/ there.
  • Then you just click OK to copyright information.
  • Wait for repo to be added and updated.
  • Now you have a new section called, “Hackulo.us“.
  • Go into Hackulo.us, From there whether you should perform a search function, for this just scroll down and find it, download miPatch, and Installous. Cracked applications will only work if you have miPatch.
    Restart your phone.
  • Launch Installous use it to download cracked applications and enjoy your phone for free.
  • Update all Cydia related packages.
  • Install a free application from app store before installing applications from Installous.
  • First select download, wait for it to 100% complete then go to “Downloads” section and install. If you do not see your app in that directory, then it is not complete yet. Double tapping on download may corrupt your downloaded file.
  • Make sure the file you are downloading works fine. Sometimes cracked applications may fail, if so try another application to make sure everything works fine before searching for help.

Appsync will allow you to sync the hacked cydia apps through iTunes; otherwise it will give out invalid application signature error. Installous will easily install the applications, and the selected IPA will install. Just wait a few seconds and the selected IPA will be installed. If you do not like an app you downloaded, you can easily delete it. IPhone will freeze for a few seconds as the IPA installation is finalizing.

The new version of Installous ‘Installous 4.4.2’ is also launched from Hackulous repository. Installous 4.4.2 is apparently more stable than its ancestor. You could download best Installous Apps version 4.4.2 Here.


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