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“Cannot Start TSS Service, httpd (PID:xxx) must be killed”

Thursday, July 12th 2012. | iPhone

“Cannot Start TSS Service, httpd (PID:xxx) must be killed” id the most common error for jailbroken iphone user which use TinyUmbrella.

This problem appears when you clicked the “Start TSS Server” on TinyUmbrella. Why TinyUmbrella can’t start TSS service? TinyUmbrella TSS service acts as Apple server and listens on port eighty (80) of your local machine, thus you can downgrade / revive iPhone firmware that has been banned by Apple then iTunes will permit you to downgrade ( instead giving unknown error 3194).

So, how to fix this silly cannot start tss service pid must be killed? Please continue to read the article to get the answer.

Fix Cannot Start TSS Service Error

Please follow the steps below to fix this Tinyumbrella cannot start tss service:

+ Try to kill All process by opening Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor) and killing the process that matched the PID
+ Please Open System Preferences (Applications > System Preferences) and navigated to the Sharing pane.
+ Disable Web Sharing
+ uncheck/diable Internet Sharing too
+ Disable all apps which create httpd instances in your jailbroken iphone.

Report us here if those steps could fix or can’t fix your “Cannot Start TSS Service” error.

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