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Tips to Fix iPhone Error 1604 when Restoring iPhoneOS 4 with iTunes

Wednesday, July 11th 2012. | iPhone

Many of you have pointed out several difficulties with the iphone error 1604 during restore with iTunes IOS 4. Let’s see how to solve this error 1604.

Many iphone users have reported a problem due especially to an error 1604, during the restore custom firmware iOS 4, especially using PwnageTool 4.0 or 4.01.

iphone error 1604

Steps to Resolve iPhone Error 1604

To resolve the itunes error 1604:
1. Make sure your iPhone is disconnected from the computer and that iTunes is closed.

2. For Windows operating systems (XP at this point we’ll) go in the “C: \ Documents and Settings \ [YOUR USERNAME] \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates”. Here you should see some files. Cut and paste them to another backup folder previously created on the desktop. This trick will allow you to restore the file you just cut if the procedure does not lead to a positive outcome.

3. Start iTunes and put your iPhone into recovery mode.

4. Proceed with the restore and iTunes will download the updates online. If you are performing a downgrade to a previous version, go to step 2 and leave only the firmware file to which you want to downgrade. Double-click the file and iTunes will start the restore.

Please watch 2 videos below to solve this problem easily:

Share your experiences with this kind of iphone error 1604 as well.

This tips to fix iPhone Error 1604 guide was written for informational purposes only. I’m no responsibility for any loss of data or malfunctions or damage from your iPhone or iPod Touch, or other electronic device.

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