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How to Fix Itunes ERROR 23 on your iPhone 2G?

Wednesday, July 11th 2012. | iPhone

Hello Everyone! Do you own iPhone 2G and found a problem called error 23? Here in this iphone tips article, I’ll be showing you how to get rid of this error that comes on your iTunes when you mess up on your iPhone 2G.

iphone error 23

Step by step to Fix iPhone Error 23

STEP 1: You have to download Winpwn 2.5 Beta. You can download it from here

: Then you need to download iPhone 2G firmware 2.0.2 and 3.0 firmware from here.

STEP 3: When finished downloading Winpwn 2.5 beta and iphone firmware above, open Winpwn Setup. Right click on the setup go to properties. Once there go to comp then under comp mode set it to Windows XP (Service Pack 2).

STEP 4: Click on the setup, let it run once finished open up Winpwn. Now here where you have to listen very carefully. Turn Expert mode on. Next click on iPhone icon. Then click the 2.0.2 firmware icon. Next do you want to unlock your phone, Click no. Next do want to activate your iPhone, Click yes. Next do you want install Youtube activation, Click yes. Next do you want to install Cydia, Click yes. Next do you want to install Installer 4, Click yes. Next do you want to resize root, Click no. YES YOU WANT TO WIPE DATA. Next locate firmware. Wait for custom firmware to finish. Take about ten minutes to finish.

STEP 5: Once that is finished Winpwn will prompted you to turn off iPhone and connected to your computer, set your iPhone into DFU Mode. Hold the Power button for 5 seconds. Hold the Power and Home button for 10 seconds wait until you hear the chime on the computer. Without letting go of the Home button hold it for 30 seconds until chime. Now your iPhone is in DFU Mode.

: Open up your iTunes, your iPhone will show up on your iTunes in Recovery Mode. Now Shift+Click Restore and find your Custom Firmware that you made, Open it then wait for restoring.

: Now we are going to Restore your iPhone 2G to 3.0 Do the same as STEP 6.

STEP 8: Now Restore to 3.1.2 firmware and do the same as STEP 6.

For these firmwares download here.

Done, now the iphone error 23 should be disappear. Please share here your own experience related to this error 23.


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  1. fafa says:

    may i see ur video?? i had that problem too bro,, stuck at bootneuter and stuck error 23,, i will respect and appreciated more bro,,, fafa

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