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Unknown Error 0xE8003FFE on iPhone

Monday, July 9th 2012. | iPhone

Many iphone users got experienced an Unknown error 0xE8003FFE on their iphone. Here are some of the reports:

“Whenever I want to install an app on the iPhone, I get the error message: The “XY” was not to “XY’s” iPhone will sync because an unknown error has occurred. (0xE8003FFE). My iPhone has the latest software, iTunes also, I have already restored a few times, but the error remains. Music Report, etc., but no sync problem. What to do? ”

“I’m experiencing the same issues with an unknown iphone error 0xE8003FFE during sync’ing. When I attempt to sync my iPhone ( running 4.2.1 ) to install a new application, I am getting the error 0xE8003FFE. I attempted the following solutions that reputedly have worked for others, but non of them have resolved it : – Restoring device to factory settings / backup – Enabling “Installing programmes” from the Limitations menu ( Settings – General – Limitations ) – Removing all Provisioning Profiles from the device and my mac ( / Library / MobileDevice / Provisioning Profiles / ), excepting the one corresponding to the App I am enthusiastic about testing / installing. – Deauthorized my PC and reAuthorized it before sync’ing Nothing has worked so far and I am running out of options.. I started experiencing this issue after upgrading to iOS v4.2.1, so I am thinking it’s got to be related. ”

Here are some tips to fix this 0xE8003FFE error on your iphone:
– Try restoring from backup. But before you do I recommend that you backup your iPod by right clicking on your iPod and selecting backup.

– Here is the answer to the 0xE8003FFE Error. This is for all Iphones and Ipod Touches. Step by Step:

1. Go to Settings
2. Go to General
3. Go to Restrictions(4-digit passcode may be needed)
4. Turn on “Installing Apps”
5. Resync your Ipod and the Applications should be uploading to your Ipod.

– Please refer to this support to get the other answer.

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