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HP Recovery: Black Screen Issue on HP DV7-3118 Laptop

Monday, July 9th 2012. | Computer Repair

I was working on an HP DV7-3118 Laptop with its Operating System. I tried to run an initial format and recovery to see if the drive was salvageable. I started by trying the recovery partition on the hard drive but it would not load completely. It get as far as the starting windows screen then just a black screen and the pointer cursor. The pointer cursor remaining movable but never loading anything past the black screen. I usually recommend letting the unit sit running for an extended period to give the recovery software a good chance to succeed. I left this one sitting on the black screen overnight, but nothing changed.

hp black blank screen

I figured it was due to a corrupted recovery image and decided to order a new Hard Drive and a set of Recovery Disks. After receiving the parts I installed the new hard drive, but found out this unit was packing two hard drives. So, I replaced the main drive with the new hard drive and tried a recovery again, with the new disks this time.

Unfortunately I ran into the exact same issue, the black screen. I took sometime to think it over and I decided that I either I replaced the wrong hard drive. I opened the unit back up and moved the new hard drive into the second position and the original main hard drive back to its original spot. I also decided i would leave the battery out of the unit with just the charging cable providing power. Finally, the unit booted past the black screen and I was able to complete the recovery. I still am not positive if it was the hard drive order or a bad battery, but I am leaning towards the battery.

I will update ya which it was tomorrow when I get back to work. One shouldn’t have to remove the battery for a recovery, but it can help if you are having issues like I was.

If the black screen issue still exist, then the best way to fix this problem is screen replacement, watch this great video on how to do that:

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