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How to Solve iTunes 3259 Error and Problem?

Monday, July 9th 2012. | Apple, iTunes

The iTunes 3259 error is a typical problem that is due to your Computer being totally unable to properly process the Web / Network connection options on your system. The actual error states that iTunes can’t connect to the “download store”, which is a server which stores the likes of the music & pictures that you are downloading. If you are experiencing issues due to this programme, it’s basically going to be a controversy that is due to the settings, options or files of Windows – making it critical that you are able to scrub out any of the potential issues that could be leading the error to show.

The iTunes 3259 error is likely going to show in this format : “iTunes couldn’t connect to the Store. An unknown error happened ( -3259 ). Ensure your network connection is active and try again.” “There was an error downloading your music ( -3259 )” When attempting to download bought music, getting error -3259 message in iTunes When attempting to connect to the iTunes Store, getting error -3259 message The error is an issue with the network settings of your system, and is really so easy to mend. The Right Way To Fix iTunes Error 3259 one ) Download Update Of iTunes The very first thing to do is to download the most recent version of iTunes from Apple. There were a few errors in prior versions of this programme, which essentially forestalled the programme from connecting to the servers which it needs to operate.

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1. To resolve this, the simplest way is to just download a later version of iTunes from the Apple internet site ( which is free ).

2. permit iTunes In The Firewall Settings Of Your Personal computer The following step is to permit the iTunes programme in the firewall settings of your system. To try this, load up your firewall and then click onto the “Settings” of your system, from which you must then look to utilise a programme that is going to be in a position to update the permitted programs to incorporate iTunes. This is exceedingly crucial, as software like Norton are known to dam iTunes.

3. Clear Out The Registry Of Windows Click onto the Web & download “Frontline Registry Cleaner” Install this programme and let it scan If it finds 400+ errors, it’s worth letting it clean them out ( a license costs $29.99 to register ) We advocate using a computer registry cleaner to mend this error as the registry is among the largest reasons for the 3259 problem.

The problem is the registry is a centralized database that Windows uses to store all of your critical settings, and is continuously being employed to help your system to run smoothly. Sadly , plenty of registry setting will become corrupted, making it necessary that you are able to wash out all of the issues this part of your P.C could have – which is performed by using a computer registry cleaner application.

here is the official recipe to fix this kind of problem from apple.com support:


  1. Remove any proxy information you have set up.
  2. Update to the latest iTunes software version.
  3. Try turning off your Firewall to see if the issue is resolved (this includes the built-in Firewall or a third-party Firewall such as Norton Personal Firewall, McAfee, Symantec, etc.). Learn how to turn off your Firewall:

And Here are some Videos to Guide you to repair iphone error 3259:




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