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PC Recovery Basics – Partition Recovery

Wednesday, February 29th 2012. | Computer Repair

Eventually almost every user runs into some sort of software situation were the computer becomes unusable. If you have a good habit of periodically backing up your data then your sitting pretty. If not, well there are options. Option #1 is to attempt a start up repair. It maybe possible to get the PC booted long enough to pull the data off in safe mode. Option #2 would be to attempt a recovery with back-up, which we will cover further in a moment. Option #3 is to find a tech to remove your harddrive and slave it to another computer and attempt the data recovery.

There two types of recovery’s usually. The first and most common would be a partition recovery. A Recovery Partition is a section of your hard drive that the manufacter has created for this process. It is seperate from the operating system partition, but can also become corrupted fairly easily. This recovery is typically started by tapping a certain keyboard key during start up. This keystroke is usually determined by the manufacture. Some common ones are the Delete key or F11 key. The keystroke is sometimes listed on the Manufacture’s Splash page (which is the very first screen to come up during the boot process).

After the keystroke, windows will prepare the recovery and load some files. The reason a partition recovery is recomended is because from this point it’s rather straight forward. First choose the type of recovery. There are usually two options available, a recovery with backup, and without. A recovery with back up may help save your data, but if it fails you will need to run the recovery again with a clean install (without back-up).  From here follow the installation wizard answering the rest of the questions as needed. It will have you perform tasks like setting the system time and date.  After completeing the install the computer will likely resart once or more.

Another reason a partition recovery is cool is because all the needed drivers are usually pre-installed. So, from here you can just start re-installing your programs and transfering you data. If your recovery partition is corrupted or not available you will need to perform an install with either the manufacture recovery disks, which is very similar to what we just covered, or a copy of Microsoft Windows, which will require additional steps like formatting, partition management, and driver installs. We will go over that recovery soon. I hope someone might find this info useful. If you have any questions just ask.

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  1. Howard says:

    Remo Partition Recovery Software is an advanced data recovery tool that can recover deleted or lost data from accidentally formatted NTFS and FAT partitions. The software recovers partitions deleted while repartitioning hard disk using third party partitioning tool, or while reinstalling operating system.

    Please Note: This solution has not been researched by pccrow.net. Always use caution and do some research before installing new software.

  2. TheCrow says:

    Sounds like a nice product. I will have to try it out, and provide a product review on it sometime soon. Thanks for sharing.

    • Febry says:

      Hi, I would recommend sonehtimg else that is not in the list. You can purchase some storage space from the Internet, and can move your important data there. For less important data, you can do as the other person said write them to DVDs and store them in physically different locations. Was this answer helpful?

  3. Stew says:

    That hits the tgraet dead center! Great answer!

  4. Corina says:

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