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Canon MF7460 and Windows 7 Compatibility Issue

Tuesday, January 3rd 2012. | Uncategorized

I recently had a job where the original problem was a Canon Copier connectivity issue. When I get to the job I find out the customer wants to connect his Canon MF7460 Copier to a laptop running Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium. I think to myself, “this shouldn’t take long”, but I was wrong.

There is a Windows 7 64bit driver available from canon, but it would not work. During the install I kept getting a USB communication error. I would prefer to use Ethernet when connecting any Copier, but unfortunately that is not an option on this particular model. I tried every other driver on the site with no success. The best result I could get was for the Copier to spin a moment when trying to print with the Generic PCL 6 Driver, but no print ever emerged.

At this point I advised the customer that it was likely a compatibility issue, and if I used a Windows XP box it would likely work fine. So we tried it on a trusty old Windows XP laptop, and we were firing prints out left and right immediately after the install.

The customer did not want to take a step back to Windows XP, so I recommended Windows 7 Professional with XP Mode. They decided to buy a new desktop workstation with Windows 7 Professional. After installing the new computer, then downloading and configuring XP Mode on it, the problem was resolved.

There are two lessons I learned here. First, never buy a Copier not equipped with Ethernet. Second, Microsoft Windows XP still ROCKS!

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