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XP Network Printer Tip

Tuesday, December 20th 2011. | Computer Repair

If you are having trouble adding a networked printer to an XP workstation because it is not listed in the directory then this tip may help you. When you need to add a networked printer, but it is not listed during the network install, then you will need to add it by IP address. Except if you have never done it before, its a bit confusing.

First open the control panel, then open printers and faxes. Now click on add new printer. This will start the add printer wizard. Now the tricky part about this is the option to add a locally attached printer or a networked printer. Even though the printer is not locally attached you need to chose this option to add it by IP, and leave the check box for auto detect unchecked, then click next. On the select a printer port screen choose to create new a port, and it is going to be a standard TCP/IP port. Add the IP address and port name, then finish up the add printer wizard by answering the rest of the questions. Presto, you should be printing. I hope this is helpful for someone.


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