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Don’t Forget The Warranty

Friday, December 16th 2011. | Computer Repair

A common mistake among consumers is neglecting to contact the manufacturer about their warranty when something happens to a product. Most electronic devices are sold with a One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. If you experience a failure not caused by abuse or accidental damge in the first year of ownership then the manufacturer will likely cover a repair or replacement.

This is why it is always wise to register your product with the manufacturer soon after the purchase. If you don’t then you may need to hunt down some sort of proof of purchase. There are some places that offer an extended warranty, or accidental damge coverage. These options add a few dollars to the original price, but some consumers prefer the added safety net.

If you have ever called-in for customer service on an electronic product you likely know its not all that easy. Some company’s like to confuse the customer by beating around the bush, or using technical jargon, and excuses. Be direct when dealing with them. It’s a good idea to read your warranty and have it handy when you call. Time is money to these people so usually the longer you stand your ground, the more likely you are to have positive results.

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