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Kindle vs. Nook

Thursday, December 8th 2011. | Product Reviews

The hot Christmas gift for the avid reader this year seems to be a Kindle or a Nook. In this article I will compare the two. Unfortunately, I do not have access to each device for a hands on comparison. This article is intended to provide insight and product specifications in hopes it might help people still undecided between these two devices.

The first thing most people consider is the price. These types of devices are usually similar in price because they must remain competitive with each other, similar to the Xbox vs. Playstation situation.Â

In The Red Corner: The Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle offers you multiple models. The Kindle is available for $79. The Kindle Touch is $99, and the Kindle Fire is $199. Also offered is the Kindle Touch 3G, which comes with free always connected 3G access for $149. A keyboard model is also available.

The Kindle is the most basic model. It offers Wi-Fi, has a 6″ inch display, but is only Black and White. Navigation is acomplished by using buttons on the bottom of the front panel. The Kindle touch is a step up. It offers everything the Kindle can but navigation is accomplished with a touchscreen. The Kindle fire is the top of the line, and includes everything the others do, and more. It has a full 7″ color screen, and access to movies and tv media. I usually always recomend the top of the line if at all possible. This saves time and money if you end up loving the product, and offers the best resell value if not.

With that said we will get a little further into the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire has a Android OS, a 1Ghz Dual Core Processor, and offers 8GB of storage. The storage memory is not expandable. This is a dissapointment to me, but may not be a concern for some consumers. The claimed battery life is 8hrs of reading time or 7.5 hours of video viewing. It has a USB 2.0 Micro-B connector, and a 3.5 mm stereo jack. The Kindle Fire weighs-in at 14.6 ounces.

In The Blue Corner: The Barnes and Noble Nook

Like the competitor the Nook comes in multiple models and options. The Nook Simple Touch $99, The Nook Color $199, and the Nook Tablet $249. These are the current listed prices at Barnes and Nobel. The Nook Simple Touch has a 6″ E-Ink display. They claim it provides the best possible just-like-paper reading. They also state that the battery life can last as long as two months. Unlike it’s main competitor the Nooks first model is equipped with a touchscreen, but is also black and white. This unit is set up with Wi-Fi, and download times on books are suppose to average about ten seconds. This model comes with 2GB of memory (1 Usable), but it is expandable to 32GB of memory using microSD cards.

The next model is the Nook Color. This is the one we will focus on. The Nook Tablet is the top of the line but is exactly that a tablet, and we are looking at readers. The Nook Color has a 7″ inch color VividView Touch Screen. It is equipped with wireless and ready for internet, email, and video use. Its uses a 800Mhz TI processor with 512 MB RAM. The battery life is reported at 6 to 8 hours. 8GB of storage, which is also expandable to 32GB using microSD memory card provides plenty of space. The Nook Color weighs-in at 15.8 ounces.

Post Fight Review: The Nook Wins by TKO

I was more impressed with the Nook. The expandable memory was the Knock-Out Blow, and the 800Mhz processor should provide pleanty of processing power. It’s ready for everything a reader should be able to do. To each there own, and mine would be The Nook Color.

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5 responses to “Kindle vs. Nook”

  1. Dayat says:

    I got the Nook Tablet in today, and of course I unboxed it for a first look. A review is on its way

    • Uchechukwu says:

      I’ll take a look at the Kindle Fire when it arrives in the UK, which probably won’t be until next year. One of my main criteria is whether it is able to handle epub files which I currently read on my Motorola Xoom using Mantano Reader. This depends on how much they have modified the Android OS and whether you can install other readers in addition to Amazon’s or if the Kindle software has been updated to handle other format. I have exclusively purchased books in epub format to date and wish to stick with that format. I also use Sigil to tidy and correct public domain epub files (its surprising how many mistakes you find in them). Yes I know you can use Calibre to convert epub files to mobi but this doesn’t work on DRM’d files and I don’t what to repurchase them.

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