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Back-up and Recovery

Wednesday, November 23rd 2011. | Computer Repair

The first thing you need to know about keeping your computer running smoothly is Back-up and Recovery. As we all know computers are not perfect machines, they tend to break or crash at times. This is why it is necessary to take precautions against failures.


Backing up your important data will prevent you from losing those important files that are crucial to you. Today’s technologies make backing-up your data much easier then it was a years ago. I usually recommend that people buy a decent size portable hard drive. These drives are rather cheap these days, and can hold large amounts of data. Some techs like to get two drives, basically to back-up the back-up. Make a back-up schedule of when to back-up your important data and stick with it. This will pay-off in the long run. You may not need it for sometime, but when you do you will be glad you did. We will discuss the complete process at a later date.


In the case of catastophic system failure be prepared to recovery your computer system. Recovery is the process of bringing your computer back to original manufacturer settings. People on privately built systems will have a slightly different process which I will get into later. Most manufactures do not ship recovery CD/DVD’s anymore. Instead they build it into the computer so you can burn them yourself. So, be sure to create these disks and store them away until needed. I will discuss the Recovery Disk Creator process in another article. If your PC does not have a recovery disk creator you will need to contact the manufacture to order them. The manufacturer usually charges around 15 to 30 dollars for this service, which isn’t bad considering a Microsoft Windows Operating Systems runs about a couple hundred dollars.


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  1. Norris says:

    Came to your site through Bing. You know I am signing up to your rss feed.

  2. TheCrow says:

    Nice to know we are getting search hits already, thanks Norris.
    Welcome to PCCrow.net

    • Skye says:

      You might be able to order a recovery cd. I would look at there webiste under support and use your model number to see if they offer it. If not, you might have to call them. It should only be about $20. Another solution is just obtaining a windows cd from someone, and then download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website. Use the key that came with your laptop. iI’s usually on the bottom.

  3. Caterine says:

    thanks for the info, very useful and it helps us a lot.

  4. Warak says:

    First you must make sure that your computer does not come with a start up disk. Sometimes your cometupr will allow you to back up all of your files on DVD’s, This is recommended in the case your cometupr is so far gone it cannot reboot back to normal running order. You will need to make sure you have backed up all of your pictures and important files. This formatting procedure will delete everything you have. It takes your cometupr back to normal as if it was brand new. System Restore helps you restore your cometupr’s system files to an earlier point in time. It’s a way to undo system changes to your cometupr without affecting your personal files, such as e‑mail, documents, or photos.

  5. news says:

    Just to let you know your site looks a little bit different in Safari on my notebook with Linux .

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